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Mission-driven information fusion in Dornier 228 cockpit

BY HENDRIK THIELEMANN Issue 3 – March 2019   When the Dornier 228 was engineered it was ahead of its time. Its revolutionary wing design provided the 19-seat market with brand new capabilities, which are unmatched even today. Huge strides in technological development have occurred since then in the areas of aviation avionics, sensors, communication,…

“More than a simple guard”

BY HENDRIK THIELEMANN Issue 2 – September 2018   Taking off and landing on a grass or gravel runway requires a robust aircraft. Even as resilient as the Dornier 228 is, there can be advantages to having additional protection. For some pilots, landing on unpaved runways is nothing out of the ordinary and may even…

“The wing makes all the difference”

BY HENDRIK THIELEMANN Issue 1 – February 2018   “Aerodynamically speaking, it’s the best you can get – an amazingly smooth surface, no edges, nothing.” Anyone joining Thomas Imke for a visit to the RUAG assembly hall in Oberpfaffenhofen will plainly see this salesman’s enthusiasm for his product. Imke is talking about the airfoils of…

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